Monday, November 5, 2012

21st Century Gold Rush

             Start-Ups: SiliconValley premiered tonight on BravoTV. The reality show, which is executive produced by Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, Randi Zuckerberg, follows a group of six geeky, partiers in their late twenties as they try to make it big in Silicon Valley, the most technologically advanced place in the world. Companies such as Facebook and Google were founded here.

             Susan Levison, an executive producer of reality television once told me that the key ingredients to a successful reality show are strong characters and conflict. Based on this first episode, this show has proven to have both elements.

             Even though all six characters have very similar goals and work in the same industry realm, they are distinct and they all have different characteristics that will either make them likeable or unlikeable. First, we are introduced to siblings Ben and Hermione who are originally from the UK. They do business together and are trying to get an investor for their new app named “Ignite.” We then have Sarah, a blogger who reminded me of the “pretty mean girl of the club.” Her connections in Silicon Valley have made her very successful, and one should not be fooled only by her looks. Our fourth character is Kim, a tough-looking digital sales director who does online advertising. She is not afraid to express what she feels to her co-workers. Dwight is a determined software engineer who breathes, eats, and sleeps his work, so it’s not rare to see him turn into a party animal every now and then to release the stress. Last but not least, we have David, a software engineer who happens to be gay. Being bullied when he was younger led him to develop an app called “Gosponsors,” which helps you keep track of your goals.

             The episode keeps you interested. After we’re introduced to the characters, they all go to a Toga party at Ben and Hermione’s. It is here that we learn that Hermione and Sarah have a past. Their differences are causing tension not only between them two, but also between Ben, who happens to be interested in Sarah. The next day, the British duo deliver their first pitch to Dave McClure, a venture capitalist. They hope that he’ll invest on the “Ignite” app, only to find out that he wasn’t interested and that they had to face their first rejection.

             I can’t wait to see what will happen with Ben and Hermione as they keep  pitching, because I’m sure some arguments will come up between the two and some drama might ruin their partnership. I’m also looking forward to seeing more of Kim and David. I feel like they were not portrayed that much on this episode, but hopefully we can learn more about them and their intentions.

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