Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another Reason To Give Thanks on Thanksgiving

             Two weeks ago I published a blog post in which I briefly explain the journey of Vicissitude on all three stages of production. On this one, I simply want to share what a great experience it was to finally screen the documentary to a group of people. The members of Club Rotario Juarez Ejecutivo were the lucky ones to see it for the first time. This Rotary Club branch from Ciudad Juarez gave me the opportunity to present my project the Friday after Thanksgiving at their weekly meeting. We met at Campestre Country Club where we had lunch together and listened to another presenter before they introduced me and played the documentary.

Community Service, Sierra Tarahumara

           After the screening, I conducted a Q&A session to answer some of the questions they had regarding the making of the project. I was also given feedback and constructive criticism, and there were nothing but positive comments. I heard things from how well the story was structured and edited, to how relevant the music sounded, to how properly the interviews were conducted. Some were curious about the overall budget, others wondered what inspired me to do it, and where I planned to take it next.

With Manuel Papadakis (Kickstarter Donor)

With Gilberto Nevarez (Club President) and Dr. Ramos (Executive Producer)

            After the screening, my editor made a couple of minimal changes as soon as I came back to Orlando from my trip to the border, and now we’re ready to start submitting it to different film festivals. I submitted for the first time to the Florida Film Festival a couple of days ago and I can’t wait to find out if we’ll be able to represent our crew and Ciudad Juarez at this prestigious festival. Also, I just finished a list with other potential festivals for me to submit the documentary to and start getting the story out there. It’s important for me that this documentary gets seen by as many people as possible because that is the main reason why I decided to take this challenge.

            I will keep posting updates on the progress and whenever I submit to other festivals or screen somewhere else. In the meantime, don’t forget to “Like Us” on Facebook and keep up on Twitter typing #vicissitudedocumentary. Once again, thanks to all of our donors, supporters, and anyone who was a part of this project.

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