Friday, June 7, 2013

It's All About Characters and Content

             There is a study I read that came out last year that said that 75% of people in Los Angeles who work on film or television are hired on reality shows. That says a lot about the rapid growth of this genre and its demand by audiences. Such demand requires producers and investors to seek high-quality projects that have strong stories and interesting characters. “It’s all about characters and content,” says Scott Manville, founder and president of the TV Writers Vault. With over fifteen years of experience, Manville has extensive knowledge in the development and pitching process. He decided to found his company to aid up-and-coming and even established writers with the process.
            “For buyers, it’s all about who could be the next Millionaire Matchmaker or Dog The Bounty Hunter,” says Oliver Bogner. The 19-year old (yes, you read correctly) executive producer will have twenty-two credits for different networks by the end of 2013, currently works at Relativity Television and Fremantle Media (American Idol, America’s Got Talent), and is a student at Chapman University. Bogner is constantly on the lookout for new shows, as stated on his Twitter profile, “PITCH me your show ideas – big characters doing big things is what I want.” TV Writers Vault has been a useful tool for him to hunt for new shows. Manville’s company has gone on to produce and air two new reality series and has expanded to foreign markets.
            Manville also realized the critical focus on unique characters and outstanding locations, therefore he developed and launched with Steve Santini, a TV star and author. "They want individuals and families with lifestyles and professions that are fun to watch. Every week we have people connecting with Producers, and every day Producers are at the site scouting new show ideas,” Manville says about the company.
            These are very motivational stories without a doubt. I didn’t know about Bogner prior to working on this blogpost for a Business Plan Development class, but I know I’ll keep an eye on this inspiring figure. There are a couple shows that come to mind that have interesting characters, places, and content, they include Preacher’s Daughters and Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. What are some shows that you watch or know about that have these factors?

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