Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Take Me Home

             If you usually read my blog posts, then the name Famor Botero might ring a bell. If this is your first time visiting my blog or you simply don’t remember, I wrote a post about Banned4Life and the involvement of Botero with an upcoming documentary about the non-profit and the work they do. Speaking of documentaries, I had the pleasure of attending the Miami premiere of Take Me Home this past Sunday. Botero’s documentary is about the homelessness problem in Orlando, Florida.

            The project took almost two years to complete and all I can say is that it was worth taking the time to finish it properly. Based on personal experience while working on Vicissitude, my documentary on the impacts of the drug-related violence in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, I understand the need to be patient and take the time that is needed to make sure the final cut is the best it can be.

            Take Me Home is eye-opening as not many people are aware of this issue that is hardly ever talked about. Botero presents his piece in a very respectful and personal way, serving as a vehicle to the main characters. The passion that was put into it is transmitted trough the screen, and one can’t help but be grateful to have a bed under a roof to sleep in every night.

            The premiere took place at The Hoxton and was packed by an energetic and amiable group of people that consisted of industry professionals, businessmen, and family and friends.

            The night kicked off on a right note as drinks on the house were provided and people mingled. Later on, Carolina Betancourth (Nuestra Belleza Latina) introduced the documentary and the show got started. There was a Q&A after the movie, which included Botero, two of his crew members, and Rick, one of the homeless characters. After an emotional discourse, the crowd stayed for a bit longer and then called it a night, making the premiere a memorable event.

            The documentary has reached some milestones, such as the humanitarian award at the OLA Film Festival. Botero will be presenting his project in Washington and it will be screened at some festivals in the future. As a filmmaker myself, I can only wish that Take Me Home reaches as many people as possible and starts creating dialogue among people. Feel free to view the pictures of the event below, and share this blog post with your contacts to raise awareness. I will write updates on the project’s status as time goes by. Thanks for reading!

Botero with Rick and guest

Actor Cristian Carabias and guests

Botero and editor Allen Pulliza

Botero and I

Botero and his family

Botero with Malcolm Gianella and guest

Botero and Carolina Betancourth

Designer Juliana Rojas

Carolina and I

Botero and Cristian Carabias

Ricardo Ramos Copyright 2013

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