Monday, June 3, 2013

Stages Plus

             So, this week I totally got out of my comfort zone in a way. A few weeks ago I decided to go on a reliable and trustworthy website known as Craigslist and happened to run across a job that caught my attention. The Orlando-based company is named Stages Plus and they pretty much set up stages for all sorts of occasions such as fashion shows, weddings, and conferences. I decided it was time to get another job for the remaining two months and a half I have left in Orlando, and try something that would teach me new things.

            I interviewed on Tuesday, had training on Thursday, and worked almost twenty hours between Friday and Saturday. We drove all around central Florida to build or strike different kinds of stages. The most interesting one was a 4x12 stage we set up at a hair product expo at the convention center. It was for a company from Panama named “True Keratin.”

            At first I felt like I was getting out of my comfort zone because of the industry and also because I'm not used to getting my hands dirty (literally); however, I proved myself wrong. This job is very similar to being a set PA. Besides being very physically demanding (I woke up yesterday with a kind of soreness I had never felt before), it requires making decisions quickly on the spot, attention to detail, communicating, and a big smile. I believe that even though this job is not strictly related to my industry, it still falls under the entertainment category and is giving me a new kind of experience. 


  1. Absolutely. Take the gigs where you can get them. Every job will teach you something that you will bring with you to every other job. BTW...I just realized I never got you that letter of recommendation. So sorry, but things have been beyond crazy! I see you got the job regardless. Good for you!

    1. Indeed. I'm really happy and the two owners are interesting and down to earth. And don't worry, they liked me right away and ended up not needing one; my bad for not letting you know.

      Hope all is well,